Moving Image Announces 22 Participants for Tunnel Show


Moving Image fair organizers have just announced the 22 galleries, many of which are emerging, that are participating in its inaugural edition along with the artists they’re presenting. Some larger galleries are also expected to join the lineup but have not been confirmed. Among the artists featured will be David Wojnarowicz at PPOW, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge at Invisible-Exports, Miranda Lichentenstein at Elizabeth Dee, Jim Campbell at Bryce Wolkowitz and Martin Kohout at Future Gallery. Organizer Ed Winkleman will show the work of Leslie Thornton and the duo Gulnara Kasmalieva & Muratbek Djumaliev.


With Wojnarowicz’s Fire In My Belly video in the headlines lately, it’s another art-world show of solidarity that one of his works—Untitled (From the Ant Series)—was selected as the promotional image for the event.

One of two new fairs launching this year during the Armory (the other is Art Brooklyn), Moving Image is a project of dealer Ed Winkleman and his partner Murat Orozobekov, who decided to tackle the challenges of showing videos, particularly in a dense installation of works competing for attention spans and audio dominance. An earlier video art fair, DiVA, fizzled out in 2008, after four years in New York and other cities.

Moving Image will run Mar. 3–6 in the Waterfront Tunnel building at 216 11th Ave. in Chelsea, not far from the Armory and Winkleman’s gallery. It will feature about 30 single-channel videos on flat-panel monitors suspended from the ceiling, as well as about eight larger video installations. Winkleman says the installation will look like a “sea of floating images.”

The problem of overlapping sound that often detracts from the viewing experience is being managed through the use of headsets for some pieces and by interspersing works without sound to act as buffers. Movable furniture will be provided so that visitors can comfortably spend time with the works. Winkleman borrowed the idea for the setup from the Getty in L.A., whose installation of the 2008 “California Video” exhibition-a 40-year survey comprising over 50 pieces-offered one of the more successful presentations of a large group of videos.

The selection committee included Elizabeth Dee, Chelsea dealer and founder of the nearby Independent art fair, which runs concurrently. The others are Zoe Butt of SanArt, Ho Chi Minh City; John Connelly of the Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation; Raphael Gygax of the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich; and Kevin McGarry of Migrating Forms, L.A.

Like the recent VIP online art fair, for which Winkleman reported success, Moving Image is experimenting with alternatives to the traditional fair format. For example, exhibitors are able to send their works for viewing without having to travel to New York or staff a full booth, an appealing proposition in recessionary times. With the fair’s low overhead, exhibitor fees range from $2,500 to $5,000.

Even better, admission is free. “A lot of artists won’t pay $20 to get in, and we want them to come and see what we’re doing,” offers Winkleman. “The fair isn’t a money-making venture for us,” he added, “not yet at least.”

Moving Image exhibitors and their artists:

From NYC (and one upstate):

Winkleman / Leslie Thornton and Gulnara Kasmalieva & Muratbek Djumaliev
/ Melanie Bonajo and David Wojnarowicz
Elizabeth Dee
/ Miranda Lichtenstein
/ Oskar Dawicki
Bryce Wolkowitz
/ Jim Campbell
/ Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
Participant / Glen Fogel
Julie Saul
/ Jeff Whetstone
Callicoon Fine Arts
, Callicoon, N.Y. / Glen Fogel

From Europe:

Impronte Contemporary Art, Milan / Said Atabekov
, Gateshead, England / Sophie Lisa Beresford
Karma International
, Zurich / Martin Soto Climent
, Warsaw / Stefan Constantinesu
Weingrüll (John Doe Projects), Karlsruhe / Jakup Ferri
Martine Aboucaya
, Paris / Maider Fortune
Future Gallery, Berlin / Martin Kohout
Galerie Yukiko Kawase, Paris / Andres Laracuente
SABOT, Cluj-Napoca, Romania / Alex Mirutziu
Rotwand, Zurich / Adrien Missika
Gregor Staiger
, Zurich / Shana Moulton
, Gateshead, England / Cecilia Stenbom
Christinger De Mayo
, Zurich / Johanna Unzueta