With Few Walls NADA Expands Upstate This Weekend


This Saturday, more than 50 galleries will present artist projects at NADA Hudson in upstate New York. NADA (New Art Dealers Association), known for its annual Miami art fair specializing in emerging dealers, has organized the two-day event in cooperation with Basilica Hudson, a former railway wheel foundry and forge, built in 1884.

The roster of galleries is New York-heavy but includes participants from Chicago (Moniquemeloche Gallery), London (Christopher Crescent) and Istanbul (NON). The program also lists an extensive performance schedule on both days by artists such as Brooklyn’s Justin Cooper, courtesy of Moniquemeloche, and Connecticut rock band Bunnybrains, courtesy of Zach Feuer.

With nearly 8,000 square feet of indoor space, a theater and more than 10,000 square feet outdoors, NADA Hudson promises to be a relief from the experience of a convention center. Dealers are adapting to the open interior of the ex-factory; New York’s Rachel Uffner, for example, is showing freestanding sculptures by Virginia Poundstone and other works that do not require walls.

Booths cost just $400 for 100 square feet, as compared to $10,000 for a similarly sized booth at Nada Miami Beach or upwards of $20,000 for Frieze. So the fair accommodates younger dealers like Uffner, who told A.i.A., “The nice thing about NADA Hudson is that it frees people up to do whatever project they are interested in with only a tiny financial commitment. I think it should be fun.” Are regular art fairs fun? “That probably isn’t the word I would use.”

The organizers are doubtless hoping to tap into upstate collectors such as Jill and Peter Kraus, and Livia and Marc Straus. The latter are founders of the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art in Peekskill.

Located along the Hudson River in Columbia County, a two-hour Amtrak ride from New York City, the city of 7,500 will soon see several art-related initiatives, with collectors Steven Johnson and Walter Sudol converting a 1920s school building into an art center to be dubbed The Second Ward and slated to open in 2013. Opening in 2012 is the Marina Abramovic Foundation for Preservation of Performance Art.

Photo via Basilica Hudson