Nicole Klagsbrun Relocates in Chelsea


New York dealer Nicole Klagsbrun close will her pioneering second-floor gallery at 526 West 26th Street gallery in November, relocating to a new space two blocks away. Klagsbrun will maintain a ground floor project room at 534 West 24th St, according to the official release. The gallery did not immediately return a request for comments.

Klagsbrun will focus on her role as a “producer.” The final exhibition in the old gallery will be John Pilson’s “Long Story Shorts” [opens Nov. 4]. Her next show in the project space is a commission for Performa, featuring gallery artist Mika Rottenberg and Jon Kessler, [opens Nov. 3].

Klagsbrun is known for her keen eye, making early showings of Karen Kilimnick, Joe Scanlan, Candida Hofer, Maureen Gallace, Sarah Morris, Billy Sullivan, Rashid Johnson, and Brendan Fowler. Recent discoveries include Ryan Sullivan and N. Dash.

After founding her gallery at 51 Greene St in 1989, Klagsbrun moved temporarily to two other Soho space before settling in Chelsea in 1998. Previously, Klagsbrun ran the legendary Cable Gallery with Clarissa Dalrymple.

As both a collector and a dealer, Klagsbrun has made an impact on the legacy of West Coast beat artists like Wallace Berman, Bruce Conner, Jay DeFeo and Jess. In 1991 she presented a group show, “California Assemblagist.”