MoMA Appoints Paola Antonelli Director of Research and Development


The Museum of Modern Art has appointed Paola Antonelli director of research and development, effective immediately. Antonelli, senior curator of architecture and design, is an 18-year MoMA veteran. In her newly created role, Antonelli will evaluate new initiatives and identify unexplored opportunities for the museum, particularly in the digital realm. She will divide her time equally between the department of architecture and design and her new position.

According to the museum’s press office, there is no existing department of R&D; specifics about expected outcomes of her new undertaking are not available, but Antonelli has a broad prerogative.
“The Museum of Modern Art can count on unique resources—its mission, its programming, its collection, its staff, as well as its privileged dialogue with artists and with its resourceful and responsive audience—to produce new experiences and discussions that will have far-reaching consequences in shaping culture, and thus will have a positive influence on society,” said Antonelli in a press release.
In her new role, Antonelli will lead the museum’s efforts to be at the forefront of research, consulting experts and convening exchanges that will inform and expand the museum’s mission. Initially, she will focus on applied research of digital initiatives, potential partnerships, interpretive materials for visitors and potential expansion of curatorial and educational programs.
Throughout her career, Antonelli has focused on the relationship between new technologies, design, and culture. Exhibitions she has organized in the past include “Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design ” (1995) and, most recently, “Talk To Me: Design and the Communication Between People and Objects” (2011). Antonelli also lectures worldwide at global interdisciplinary gatherings and has served on several international architecture and design juries.