Scope Basel Bounces Back with New Location


The Scope will go on, after all: In a press release circulated earlier today, the organizers of Scope Basel announced that the fair will carry on with its original programming in a new venue following last week’s report that the fair hadn’t yet obtained permits from the city. “No Scope Here” read the protest placards of disgruntled locals who were upset that their children wouldn’t be able to access the local park for the duration of the fair, which has occupied Uferstrasse 80 on the Rhine. At 8,000 square meters, the new space on the Sportzplatz Landhof will host 90 international galleries with a focus on Asia and Berlin, the largest iteration of the fair yet. 

[For previous A.i.A. coverage on Scope Basel, see Three Weeks Out, Scope is Without City Permits, published on May 26th.]