Women on the Verge: Odwalla1221 on YouTube


Chloe Maratta and Flannery Silva, the duo behind Odwalla1221 (formerly Odwalla88), incorporate an eclectic mix of spoken-word lyrics, ambient noise, found sounds, and self-sampling in their music. Now based in Los Angeles, they formed the band in 2013 while attending art school in Baltimore. Odwalla1221’s fifth album,Twiggy, was released last month by music and clothing label Some Ware. 

In a recent article, Thea Ballard describes the band’s lyrics as visual and observational. “Their lyrical references to Girl Scout uniforms and mall jewelry conjure a specific experience of American girlhood,” she writes, “reworked to suggest something grown-up and biting.” Maratta and Silva, who both maintain fine art practices, currently have an exhibition of their work at Schloss, Oslo, through June 24. The band has also embarked on their first European tour. Throughout the month of June, they will perform at traditional music venues as well as galleries, and this week, will put on a show at Art Basel.

To provide a sampling of Odwalla1221’s diverse projects, we have assembled a playlist of YouTube videos ranging from music videos to live performances to collaborations with fashion labels.

Visit our Odwalla1221 playlist here.